Introducing Larry Asher, Jr.

Larry is the president and CEO of TruPatriot LLC. In November, 2016 Larry and his wife established the Asher Family Foundation in November, 2016. Larry serves as the Executive Director. Larry is employed by Schenck Process LLC, a global leader in pneumatic conveying, weighing and feed systems with additional expertise in dust collection systems. Larry is employed as a Senior Project Engineer in the Process Controls Group.
In the fall of 1981, Larry enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard, attending basic training after graduating from Glen Oak High School in 1982. He volunteered for active duty in 1984 as an Armored Crewman. Following a break in service, he reenlisted as a Calvary Scout, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, in the 82nd Airborne Division. Returning from Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1991 he attended Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) and was selected for training with the US Army Special Forces, earning the Green Beret in 1992.
Highlights of his military training included Scout Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course, Static Line Jumpmaster Course, Special Operations Weapons Sergeants Course, Czech Language Course and the Special Operations Military Freefall Course.

"Success does not always go to those who are the most able, but more often to those with the most desire.

Larry’s most memorable deployment with the 82nd Airborne Division was to Saudi Arabia and Iraq during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. With 10th Special Forces Group Larry had a number of interesting deployments, to include serving as the Assistant to the Defense Attaché at the US Embassy in the Czech Republic, Counter-Drug Operations, and Joint Special Operations Training in the Slovak Republic.
A military parachuting accident changed his plans for retirement. Larry was medically discharged from the Army in the fall of 1995.
During his time in service he recognized that “Success does not always go to those who are the most able, but more often to those with the most desire.”
The next four years would be especially challenging, starting over with two small children. Moving to Abilene, KS, Larry and Rene started a small woodworking business. During that time, he also worked construction, then eventually began working nights for the Postal Service allowing him to go to school during the day. “Rene’s support was, and still is, beyond measure. Whatever success I have experienced I owe to her support and encouragement.”
“Faith in God has been the centerpiece of our family. Growing up my mother’s unfailing faith in God and family, was a real source of strength for us. I have seen my father face adversity, placing his faith in God and trusting our family’s future to Him. My parent’s life of faith remains a strength for our family and my life.” Dale Asher