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BoneS Fork music embraces the full spectrum of emotion stirred by years of war: the adrenal pump and dump of combat; the gravity of warfare and its sobering consequences; the elation and challenges of coming home; family reunification and, very often, reconciliation; a celebration of the lives and memories of teammates lost; and optimism in the band's hopes for the future.

From the first album, Goat Tree, Carrying On is one of the songs that resonates most with me. It calls me back to a different time and place when I longed to be home, but knew I was called to a greater task – just like those I served with. My thoughts eventually shift to those who continued after my time ended, knowing that leaving never gets easier. The reminiscence is sweet, heavy and appreciative of the love and sacrifices that keep us strong.

BoneS Fork is a rock-and-roll band formed by U.S. Army veterans who served in the Special Forces (the Green Berets) and in the Army's Special Operations Forces. The core members are now retired from the Army after well over 70 years of combined service.

The band takes its name from Bones Fork Creek, a swampy area in the back woods of North Carolina, where the U.S. Army Special Forces conducts candidate Assessment and Selection as well as other training for would be "Green Berets."

The band provides a musical glimpse into a world few people will experience first-hand. They relate their experiences with honest emotion to which people can relate. For these musicians, and for those who have stood in the ranks from which this band has emerged, BoneS Fork music is their voice--expressive, explanatory and cathartic.

Rolling With the Heat, is another song from the Goat Tree album that stirs the soul. The music and the words come together perfectly carrying you from one emotion to another. Rolling With the Heat gives you a glimpse into the real life struggles of deployment, how facing unknown outcomes often contrast the desires of our dreams. Yet, without our dreams we would not be able to face the unknown. Rolling With the Heat memorializes a life of love, sacrifices, and loss.

You may have noticed some of our shirts with the Finish The Fight flag on the right sleeve, this is in recognition of BoneS Fork and how they have captured the essence of the battlefield and the current state of affairs in their song, Finish The Fight. It’s also a tip of the beret, an acknowledgment, to those still in the fight. We believe the only way out alive is to Finish The Fight!

BoneS Fork continues to Rock Patriotism and is currently back in the studio working to complete their second album. It is soon to be released and we can’t wait!

Stayed Tuned, Keep Rocking and we will keep you posted.

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We Remember

As a symbol of our appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made on behalf of our nation, TruPatriot is partnering with various organizations to present Memorial shirts to Gold Star Family members. We join with the Gold Star Families during this time of somber remembrance of their loved ones honorable and faithful service, to the fullest measure. Their sacrifice shall never be forgotten.

“The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did …” Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address


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