Trapping Indiana: Nick Asher

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison. Genesis 27:3 KJV

From the beginning God placed a desire on some men's heart to hunt, and today that desire is still on the hearts of men. Hunting creates a respect for the hunted, an admiration of the prey. Whether is to control a nuisance or to provide sustenance. True hunters understand the value of life and respect life, not taking any life without regard. And just as one gives thanks for the harvest, a hunter give thanks for the provisions of the Lord.

Nicholas Asher is one of those men. He is a God-fearing man, a husband, a father and a hunter. I encourage you to get to know Nick, spend some time with him as he educates and informs on hunting and trapping. He is a true American patriot. He is also the host of Trapping Indiana.

We appreciate Nick's endorsement!

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