Wounded by War: The Story of Kevin Flike

On September 25, 2011, Kevin Flike's life changed forever. Flike, a Staff Sargent in the Green Berets, was 7 months into his second deployment, based out of Kunduz, Afghanistan. During a routine valley clearing operation, he encountered and engaged in a fire fight against the Taliban with his 11 other teammates and the Afghan Commandos they had been training for over 2 years. After being pinned down for 11 hours, Flike was seriously wounded from a gunshot to the stomach and it was uncertain if he would even make it out alive.

However, without missing a beat, his team risked their lives carrying him throughout the warzone and eventually getting him to a spot where he was able to be safely medevac. It just so happened that one of Flike's teammates had a bodycam on and captured all of the events from that day.

Follow Kevin's journey from live footage of his rescue under heavy enemy fire, to the major obstacles and hurdles he needed to overcome to recover. From questioning whether he will live, life changing medical procedures, PTSD, drinking and addiction to painkillers, Kevin brings us along this journey to recovery with a one-on-one interview diving into this tremendous experience.

All proceeds from this documentary will go directly to the Green Beret Foundation. The Green Beret Foundation focuses on Green Berets who have been wounded, their families, and the families of our fallen. They have a strong focus on addressing the needs of Green Berets as they transition back into civilian life.

Runtime: 36 Minutes
Produced by: Focus Forward Media | focusforwardmedia.com

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