1. EDUCATE: Raise awareness of the Feres Doctrine and how it is affecting our active duty service members, specifically in this case, SFC Richard Stayskal.
  2. INSPIRE: Sign the petition to show your support for the revision of the Feres Doctrine. There are several politicians lobbying for change your signature of support is very important.
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  • Green Beret Battling Cancer and the Government

    Green Beret Battling Cancer and the Government

    The tumor in Stayskal’s lungs had been egregiously misdiagnosed by Army doctors, the report said, allowing it to double in size and spread to other vital organs — and into stage four terminal lung cancer.
One more fight: Green Beret says military failed to detect his cancer. Now he seeks to hold the government accountable
Had his military doctors diagnosed him properly, Stayskal believes he would be cancer-free today. Instead, he says, they failed to flag his cancer when it appeared visibly on a scan in January 2017, and again failed to inform him about it four months later when he was passing out and coughing up blood. He was so sick that his commanding officer at Fort Bragg walked across base with him to Womack Army Medical Center to demand a waiver so Stayskal could get a faster appointment with a civilian pulmonologist. By the time he got seen in June, the cancer had spread.
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House panel takes aim at legal roadblock to military malpractice lawsuits
A key House Democrat is targeting legislative fixes to the Feres Doctrine as a top priority this session, taking aim at the legal precedent critics say unfairly blocks troops from suing the military for medical malpractice, supervisor negligence and a host of other on-duty mistakes.
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Whistleblower Law Firm: President and Founder, Natalie Khawam
Attorney Natalie Khawam has always been passionate about fighting for the rights of Veterans. Both Veterans and their families are of the utmost important to both Khawam and her firm. She founded Whistleblower Law Firm, P.A. in September of 2012 with the goal of helping those who have been negatively impacted by employment violations, fraud, harassment, and above all to help those who have faced a major injustice. The firm has a strong emphasis in the following practice areas: whistleblower laws, healthcare fraud, and the False Claims Act. The firm is by no means limited by these practice areas however, and has a specialized team to help Veterans navigate the difficult and often confusing benefits claims process.